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At Smith Endodontics, We Strive for Excellence in Root Canal Therapy

We are confident that you will be impressed by not only our state of the art facility, but with our caring staff as well. We would love to have the opportunity to make your dental experience the best possible!

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Our goal is to relieve patient’s from pain as soon as possible, with exceptional service, and using only the highest quality materials.

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From Our Customers

I have worked in the dental field for many years and I am very selective when it comes to who handles my dental care. Very professional staff. High tech expertise with a down-home feel. Very sterile environment. Do not chance going anywhere else for a root canal.

Tamara Vanek

The service here deserves a 6 out of 5 rating. The staff here is wonderful and very caring towards their patients. You can tell they put their patients on top priority and run a tight ship in order to achieve such excellent work. The dental work was amazing as well and makes sure the patients are at ease and comfortable. No more hating the dentist, can I go back again?

Samantha Brown

I had to take my teenager in to get a root canal and of course he was nervous. Starting as soon as we walked in the door the staff was so pleasant. They made my son feel very comfortable and everyone in the office was nice and explained everything very respectfully. Thank you Dr. Smith and crew for taking such great care of my son and doing a great job. It was definitely worth the drive!

Michelle Cruz

I’ve had a root canal in the past but was completely terrified because I was not fully numb and was so painful. I was shaking in the chair worried when I came in… but I couldn’t believe that I was numb! Dr. Smith is amazing… please tell him I said that. It brings tears to my eyes.

Cheryl Guy

Dr. Smith and his staff were awesome. He did a root canal without any problems. I would return to him again! Thanks for caring so much.

Velinda Roe

Thank you so very much for your kindness which came at a tough time in my life. You are a wonderful man and I’m so blessed to know you. You inspire me! I hope one day that I can repay your kindness. If there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

(P.S. Please thank your staff for me also. They were angels!) :)


This is the second root canal that Dr. Smith has performed on me and it was not surprising to me that it was totaly painless and the entire procedure was smooth as glass. The entire staff was very friendly and professional. The office and exam rooms are beautifully appointed with a beautiful view of the lake and golf course out back and complete with a ceiling mounted HD television. All of the dental equipment is state of the art including the digital x-ray machine. I will, without hesitation, recommend Dr. Smith to anyone I know that requires this procedure.

George Leath

This office was so great! Everything was so clean and elegant. I felt right at home. The staff was super friendly and Dr. Smith explained everything to me so that I had no questions about the procedures that were about to happen. He really knows what he’s doing. He was very friendly and made sure that I was comfortable. I wish he did general dentistry! I would definitely recommend his office to my friends!

Aaleeyah Khan

Very professional and GREAT staff. I’m one of those people who are terrified of the dentist but Dr. Smith was so nice and caring it made it so easy and comfortable . HE explained everything from beginning to end. I couldn’t have had a better trip to the dentist!

Amanda Gonzalez

You all are great! Awesome staff. Nice office. Great flat screen TV on the ceiling. If I ever need heavy work on my teeth, I’m coming to Dr. Smith and staff!

Christopher Styles

I had to take my teenager in to get a root canal and of course he was nervous. Starting as soon as we walked in the door the staff was so pleasant. They made my son feel very comfortable and everyone in the office was nice and explained everything very respectfully. Thank you Dr. Smith and crew for taking such great care of my son and doing a great job. It was definitely worth the drive!

Michelle Cruz

I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me. You cared and that is a quality not a lot of people have. I will never forget that. May God bless you in your life, in your business, and your health.

Brent Calhoun

Just wanted to thank you and your team for the dental procedure I received today. This is first root canal I have ever had and it went very well. I was at ease the whole time and never uncomfortable during the procedure. Everyone was so pleasant and helpful. This is the second time I have been in your office, the first was a few years ago with my wife. She also had a root canal performed. You have a great team/staff! They make you feel welcome and are very professional. So tell everyone that I really appreciate their help today in taking care of my dental needs.

Roger Chilson

Dr.Smith and his team is awesome! Thank you for taking such great care of Austin today

Melissa Mcpherson

I had to get a root canal redone because I got mine done last year by a general dentist (horrible)! It was such a different experience going to a specialist. They showed me the before and after on the x-ray and it looks really good. The dental assistant was friendly and the instruments looked really clean. Everyone was very detailed and organized. I would recommend this dentist to others! I already called around the area and they were priced the best, I saved a couple hundred dollars. The office looks really high-class so I definitely got lucky.


Dear Michael Smith,

It is rare that I thank a person in the dental profession, yet, I feel compelled to let you know just how much I appreciate your expertise, your sensitivity, your professionalism and the many ways you tried to make me comfortable during my two root canal procedures.

What I thought would be one of the worst days of my life turned out to be amazingly acceptable. I really cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of me. If anyone I know needs a root canal, I plan to recommend you and your staff as “the place” to be!

Thanks again,


I just befriended not only the best dentist in town but also a very awesome young n’ handsome man (husband approved accolade)! Hello Doc Mike! You do the best teeth work. Ty :)

Nancy and Alan Painter

The Dental Assistant I had went over the after care instructions so well that I know exactly what to expect and feel prepared.


Dear Michael and team

…We really appreciate you all getting our patients in so quick, the top notch care you give and your expertise. You are such a blessing to our practice! Have a safe holiday.

Thanks again,
Julie, Dayn & team

Dr. Boitet and Bailey

I don’t care for root canals but know when I need one. I’ve got the best “endo” and staff around!!! THANK YOU!!!

Chris Nichols

The team in this office are incredibly caring, kind, giving, and have hearts bigger than the largest smile! Thank you Dr. Smith and your entire support team for all that you do! You all are fabulous!

Michael Trieglaff

Experience was probably the best ever and I have had a lot of dental work done throughout my life. Excellent explanation of what was about to take place and what I could expect afterwards. Surgery was painless and afterward consideration was excellent. They made me feel that they were truly concerned with my well being and comfort during the entire visit. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thanks!

Wayne Stephens

Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful care my son received today! He came home and spent half our time at the supper table giving us the play-by-play of how you told him “it would pinch for just a few seconds” and how he trusted you and how it was just like you said. He also talked about how you offered him a blanket, etc. I think he’s actually looking forward to the root canal! Talk about a miracle. You definitely set his worried parents’ hearts at ease. Thank you!

Brett Margani

Nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Smith and his team. The moment you walk in you are treated with the utmost friendliness and respect. Dr. Smith truly has a calling for what he does…and does it so well. Thank you for making my experience the best that it could have been. :)

Tina Long

I am very scared of Dentists but my experience with the staff and Dr. Michael himself was FANTISTIC. I have never felt so comfortable in a dentist office as I did theirs. If you need a root canel or anything I highly recommend you immediately go to his office to get it done PERFECT experience!!

Christina Ellis

Hi Michael Superman!

Thanks for your wonderful skill as an Endodontist. Your staff (BRE) is a gem. So caring. If you’re ever in PGH, stop by. I’ll give you a tour of the city.

Best Regard,


I had never had a root canal done before and I was very apprehensive about having it done. The professionalism alone prior to my appointment made me feel more at ease. When I arrived at the office I felt even better. Dr. Smith and his staff are so kind, gentle, caring and considerate. I felt as if I was their only patient at the time. I went back to work to tell others and they wanted all of the information if they have the need in the future. My sister from out of town stated that she would be heading this way if she needs an endodontist.

Jacqueline Gamble

Dr Smith took time to explain to me what I needed done in easy-to-understand terms. He and his staff are friendly and efficient. The office is new and clean. I overheard Dr Smith talking to a 9 year old boy and his mother while I was there and I thought he did a wonderful job talking to both of them. I’d definitely go back if I needed further endodontic work done and I’d recommend him to anyone.

Marie L.

Best Dental job I ever had!!

Patrick Hartman

This was my second root canal, the first at a different location. Dr. Smith and his team took excellent care of me on yesterday. I’m back at work today with only mild soreness, which he told me to expect. I’m a coward when it comes to dental care, but Dr. Smith calmed my fears and got the job done RIGHT! Would HIGHLY recommend him!

Kendra Albury

On Monday I go in for some severe tooth pain, Dr. Smith checks it out, and BAM two root canals later i’m out the door. I seem to be healing nicely, and am feeling a thousand times better. Thank you Dr. Smith and his wonderful staff for being so kind! They were very quick with little to no pain in the process. :)

Kathy Landry

Thank you Dr. Smith, I had a great night sleep, the medicine is working great and I am no longer in pain!!! Tell Dr. Smith I said THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Dr. James Weir

Dear Dr. Smith and Team,

Thank you so much for everything you did for me yesterday.
At our morning huddle today, I bragged to my team about the amazing customer service I experienced at your office. From the time I walked in the door till the time I left, I was made to feel welcome and special. Everyone was so friendly, professional, and gentle. I especially appreciate you staying after hours to help someone in need.
I refer my patients to you because of my professional relationship with your office and because of the nice things I hear from my patients’ parents. Now, I can say first hand that your office is a top notch endodontic practice!

Thanks again!

Beth Kailes, DMD

Dr. Beth Kailes, DMD

Going to Smith Endodontics is like going to spa! The office holds itself to a high standard with beautiful interior, refreshments at the front desk, welcoming staff, and a beautiful waterfront view. Unlike most dentists offices, where people fear sinking into that operation chair, Smith Endodontics immediately makes the experience a positive one. As I sat down, my assistant Ashley, handed me a comforting blanket, something I’ve never been offered at a doctor’s office! Ashley made what could have been an intimidating visit into friendly and understanding environment as she checked to make sure I understood what Doctor Smith was saying and offered me frequent restroom breaks. Although I was a bit hesitant to go to the restroom because I just couldn’t peel my eyes away from the beautiful view! In all honesty, I assumed I would be going for a dreaded root canal, paying my dues, and getting out of there all loopy, but I actually ended up enjoying my visit and my root canal did not end up being as bad as expected! I’m grateful for Dr. Smith and his staff for taking the extra effort in making sure my visit was a good experience.

Andrew R.
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